Oral Health Concerns

Sometimes oral findings remind us of other, systemic, probable life-threatening medical conditions. Let’s have a general overview of such alarms: 1- Oral findings such as swelling of lips, gums, or the inner lining of the mouth and/or fissures at the … Continued

Save Your Teeth

None of the artificial teeth would function as well as the natural ones. With the scientific improvements in the tools and materials of dental science (most of the time) anyone can keep a natural tooth even if it's severely affected … Continued

Types of Orofacial Pain

In the United States, one report estimates that 22% of the general population has suffered from some form of facial pain within a 6-month period prior to questioning, of which 12% of those instances was a toothache.Orofacial pain is a … Continued

Smoking and Dental Health

Does oral disease prevail in developing and developed countries more than in advanced countries? Diverse oral diseases spread worldwide because of a lack of good public health systems. Income inequality does not matter in when it comes to oral diseases. … Continued

Steps for Dental Crowns

Don’t have time for the many dental visits usually needed to have a crown placed? Perhaps you can have your permanent crown sets in place in just two visits instead. Here, we are going to explain the steps you will … Continued

Visit a Root Canal Dentist to Have an Infection Removed

When patients experience the need for a root canal dentist, it is a much different feeling than a small cavity. However, many people still confuse fillings with a root canal treatment. It is important to know the difference in order … Continued


How often do you see your dentist? If you answered: only when tooth pain is unbearable, then you should pay attention! Despite the well-known rule of a bi-annual dental visit, many people don’t realize that a dental prophylaxis visit is … Continued

Come Into Dentists On Madison for Teeth Whitening

When it comes to teeth whitening, patients have a plethora of options to choose from. They can decide to go with an in-home kit, using an over-the-counter solution or a solution that has professional supervision at Dentists On Madison. Ultimately, … Continued

Oral Findings

Here, our friends,  we continue to explore other various systemic diseases that may correlate to symptoms found within one’s mouth: 10- Diffused redness over the entire oral mucosa and tongue accompanied by several days’ fever may typically be simply a … Continued