Introduction to Crowns

An imperfect smile is the last thing some of us may want during the holidays. We’ve discussed before how veneers could improve our smile. Knowing that veneers do not commonly correct many dental issues, it's sometimes ill-advised to jeopardize the … Continued

Coffee, Your Health and Your Teeth Pt II

In our previous blog we mentioned those chemicals formed during the roasting process of the coffee and the role of those chemicals in inhibiting the adhesion of the bacteria responsible for dental caries; the process which is crucial to initiate … Continued

Topic: Accelerated Tooth Movement, or ATM

Have you had braces in the past? If so, was your orthodontist aware of any medications you take on a regular basis? If yes, we would love to let you know that this information is extremely crucial in planning your … Continued

Dental Fillings: Get the Best Looking Teeth with the Most Enduring Strength

When caring for teeth, should you give up durability to have a tooth-colored filling or forego aesthetics in order to have a stronger filling? This was a very difficult question to answer in the past. With the consecutive development of … Continued

Get The Best Smile Makeover

How was your summer vacation? Did you have a lot of fun? Take a lot of photos? How did you like your smile in the pictures? Did you show off your beautiful smile? Smiles last forever in photos; just like … Continued

Visit Our Family Dentist Office for Orthodontics

When you visit our family dentist office in New York, we can provide you with routine dental care and orthodontics solutions for straightening your teeth and aligning your jaw. We understand that a straight smile is more than just beautiful, … Continued

Are Dental Implants Possible After Bone Loss?

If you are looking to replace missing teeth with something more permanent than dentures, dental implants are an excellent option. Still, some of our patients worry that they will not be able to receive implants because they have lost too … Continued

What to Expect When You Get a Filling and Your Dental Checkup

We often place fillings after a dental check-up multiple times in one day. While people understand the reason for having a dental filling, it is also one of the least liked procedures that we perform. A dental filling is the … Continued

Scientific Reasons to Smile More and Visit a Laser Dentist in New York

Improving your smile is easy when you have the help of a laser dentist in New York. At our dental office, we have a variety of ways to improve a smile with modern dental techniques. Since we use lasers, we … Continued

Dental Implants are an Effective Solution For Missing Teeth

Did you spend 2016 with one or more of your teeth missing? Well, no worries! You are merely steps away from a fresh start and can correct this, here in the New Year. There can be many reasons for losing … Continued